Selling Property

Selling one’s property is an art. The property market here on the Costa del Sol has always been competitive and enlisting the services of an established reliable real estate agent is essential.

Most buyers are not looking for a primary residence here, but a second or even a third home. Furthermore, buyers come from all over the World unlike real estate sales in sellers’ home Countries which predominately are sold to the local market within say a 20 mile radius. This makes Marbella real estate less of a need and more of a luxury in which people are not drawn to property close to centre’s of work but to the quality of life a property can offer them.

Establishing an asking price

The most important thing to establish is a ‘sales strategy’, at the heart of which is the asking price. In other words, if you ask too much for your property, people will not even bother to view and it will linger unseen. Ask too little for your property, and you are potentially throwing away money.

The right asking price is perhaps the most essential ingredient in the art of selling real estate and is the result of thorough market research. Do not opt for the figure you would like to hear, find out the true market value, taking into consideration: what sales of comparable properties have been accomplished, and at what price? What are other owners with similar properties asking?

The more unique a property, the more an owner can ask for it and the stronger they can negotiate when trying to seal a deal. The less unique a property, the more the owners are going to have to resign themselves to the fact that there is a large supply of similar properties, and that they will have to price it competitively.

Should you give exclusivity to an agent?

If you are an absentee owner or if you don’t feel like playing a co-ordination role among various agents of varying ability, granting exclusivity to a leading agent can make your life a lot easier.

It also provides the agency in question with the confidence to fully dedicate its energy and resources to the marketing and promotion of the property. A professional agency will propose a coordinated strategy based on its experience and adapted to the specifics of your property. This will include the creation of quality marketing material and targeted promotional campaigns.

A responsible agent will try to avoid taking a sole agency unless he sincerely feels that the asking price is correct and that he or she is truly capable of selling the property.

Providing agents, you trust, with easy access to the home is important in order not to lose potential buyers. They will also offer advice on how best to present the property for viewings and approach the negotiation process. In our opinion, the recent trend of listing property with multiple agents, can over expose a property and create a feeling of desperation.

With many years of real estate experience Marbella Signature Homes feel qualified to give you a true appraisal of your property in the current climate. We will spend time with you, in order to understand your needs and advising you on the best way to market your property to give the optimum result.

Through our selective marketing process, we aim to achieve the best possible price for your property, within a reasonable time frame, where the ultimate result is a sale with a satisfied vendor and a contented purchaser.

We would be delighted to meet you to discuss selling your home – if you would like to schedule an appointment or meet for a coffee at your convenience please call us on 952 819 013

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