Property Management

Our property management department was set up to offer a reliable, comprehensive and honest service for property owners from maintenance to rentals. Our policy is to always give the very best to our customers and never compromise on quality.

Owning a permanent home or a holiday property on the Costa del Sol should be a dream come true and the beginning of something wonderful which is why Marbella Signature Homes offers you a wide range of services to ensure that you enjoy your home in the sun to its’ maximum.

We understand that every owner uses their property differently, some will come for odd weekends and let family and friends use it for their holidays, others might never visit at all and will want to rent it on a regular basis! Whatever your preferences we will make sure that our tailor made management service suits your needs and fits with your way of life. Whether you own a small apartment or a large villa, we are here to help you gain maximum satisfaction, benefit and enjoyment from your overseas property investment.

Services We Offer

  • Basic Property Management
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Garden and Pool Maintenance
  • General & Motor Insurance
  • TV & Satellite

Basic Property Management

This is our standard programme providing a fully comprehensive service designed to give total peace of mind for holiday home owners, their family and guests and includes the following:-

  1. Key Holding – For our management clients we act as secure key holders. Any necessary visits to your property by emergency services, utility companies, tradesmen and delivery companies, etc. can be arranged directly with us.
  1. Monthly Inspections – We provide monthly inspections of your property whilst unoccupied. Our inspection reports will highlight any significant problems which will be notified to you the same day by email or fax, together with details of any necessary action taken or recommended to remedy the problem. This periodic inspection will cover:-

Security – Checking all doors and windows are correctly closed/locked and if applicable, that the alarm system is functioning correctly.

Utilities – Checking that the water, electric and phone (if applicable) services are connected. Toilets will be flushed and the taps run in sinks, baths and showers to ensure water traps to drains do not dry out.

Airing – Opening windows and doors to freshen your property.

Maintenance – Checking for evidence of any damage from water leaks or damp and for any other maintenance issues which should be addressed. Our report, where necessary, will be supported by photo-evidence together with our recommendations for any remedial action required.

Housekeeping Services

Our company Housekeeper controls a team of cleaners who have been trained to clean our clients’ properties to pre-determined and consistent standards. A typical 2 bed/ 2 bath apartment would take 3 – 3½ hours. A typical 3 bed / 2 bath villa would take 5 – 6 hours.

Other Services For Owners

We can provide various other services – such as dry cleaning soft furnishings, carpet and rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, etc.

Maintenance and Repairs

We have an experienced team of qualified tradesmen and specialist sub-contractors on hand to deal with any maintenance problems which may occur and who will remedy any minor problems highlighted by our inspection reports. For major problems we will pre-advise you and request your ok to carry out the necessary repairs – providing you beforehand with a detailed estimate of the work and costs involved. Our Project Manager will then supervise the works right through to completion. All work and materials are supported with trade guarantees.

Garden and Pool Maintenance

We have a team of local gardeners who are experienced in maintaining all types and sizes of garden. Often our gardeners will also clean and maintain the pool or alternatively we also employ specialist pool-care companies. Either way we can ensure the pools we look after are maintained using the correct products to guarantee they are always in the optimum condition for the enjoyment of our owners and their guests.

Garden and Pool Cleaning Charges: These will vary according to size and specific requirements. Let us know your particular requirements and we would be happy to provide a quotation.

General & Motor Insurance

Through our association with one of the leading, local professional insurance brokers with offices in Mijas and Marbella, we can also obtain very competitive quotations from the main insurance companies for home, travel and car insurance cover.

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